M.C. Mary Kom

In the past few years Indian sportspersons, like their western counterparts, have exhibited unusual interest towards telling their personal stories in the form of authorized biographies or autobiographies.

Reviewed by: Parvinder
Hansda Sowendra Shekhar

The narrative of Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar’s debut novel traces the presence and interference of dahni-bidya (witchcraft) on four generations of a Santhali family in Kadamdihi, a village in the not-yet-formed Jharkhand.

Reviewed by: Karuna Rajeev
Neel Mukherjee

In The Lives of Others, Neel Mukherjee’s second novel, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2014,

Reviewed by: Madhumita Chakraborty
C.R. Pakrashi

A beautifully illustrated book, A Stamp is Born, by Chitta Ranjan Pakrashi, describes in detail his journey as a stamp designer.

Reviewed by: N. Kalyani

Aranyani is a jungle goddess. Like Diana, at a remove from civilization, free to desire. And free to pursue what she desires. Aranyani is also the chosen pen name of the author of A Pleasant Kind of Heavy and Other Erotic Stories.

Reviewed by: Paresh Kumar
Kalpana Kannabiran

‘Personal is political’—a revolutionary slogan of the women’s movement summed up the felt need for state intervention in what was considered as private/domestic sphere. This gendered unequal private sphere was where women faced the worst forms of discrimination and violence and relations within the public space were a reflection of it.

Reviewed by: Mona Das
Oliver Mendelsohn

Law and Social Transformation in India is a compilation of Mendelsohn’s publi-shed essays on the Indian legal system written over different points of time.

Reviewed by: Pratiksha Baxi
Rajesh Pradhan

The above excerpt from the Valmiki Ramayan’s ‘Yudhkand’ has for long been relevant to the birth of a new political discourse in India with Lord Rama at the epicentre in the dying decades of the twentieth century and thereafter.

Reviewed by: Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay
Stuart Corbridge

How and why could India remain a possible and successful democratic polity with an impressive economic growth despite the persistence of, inter alia, large-scale poverty,

Reviewed by: Kham Khan Suan Hausing
Rob Jenkins

Nandigram in West Bengal, Maha Mumbai in Maharashtra, POSCO in Odisha, Reliance in Haryana, Mundra in Gujarat.

Reviewed by: Sanjoy Chakravarty
Satish Deshpande

A dalit died and 40 others injured in an attack by the upper caste while dalits in Rohtas, Bihar, were trying to unfurl the national flag.

Reviewed by: Manjur Ali
Maria Aurora Couto

In the early 16th century, when Albuquerque was conquering Goa and performing his extraordinary feats on and beyond the Konkan coasts and in the Arabian seas that bordered mainly the enemies of the Franks, as the Portuguese were called then, and an extraordinary priest,

Reviewed by: Ajay Prasad
Bidyut Chakrabarty

The book at hand attempts to study a significant and for the present times, a deeply pertinent field: the similarities, influences and overlaps in terms of the understanding, commitment and praxis of two of the most influential political leaders of the 20th century namely Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reviewed by: Rohini Mokashi Punekar
Ananda Bhattacharya

It is generally assumed that Bengal, and eastern and north-eastern India generally, remained unaffected by the anti-colonial struggle of 1857-58.

Reviewed by: Amar Farooqui