• Big Dams and Displaced People – January 1993
  • Women Writing in India: From the 6th Century  to the Present – August 1993
  • The Role of Critical Reviews: An International  Colloquium – February 1995
  • Reviewing and the Publishing Industry – February 1996
  • Subversive Sites: Women’s Engagements with the Law – September 1996
    Anuvaad:Linking Literatures –  October 1996
  • Role of Critical Reviews: A Dialogue with Robert Silvers& Rea Hederman of The New York Review of Books – November 1997
  • On Critical Reviewing –  in New Delhi,Chennai and the University of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA between 1993 and 1997
  • International Seminar on -‘ War Peace and Hegemony in a Globalized World’ – 2006
  • International olloquium on – ‘ Superpower Rivalry in the 20th Century: Lessons for the 21st Century ‘ – 2008
  • The Role Of The Public Intellectual,March 2015
  • Toward Freedom and Beyond – by Nikhil Chakravartty, November 1996
  • A Small Craft Industry:Reflections of Reviewing – by Barbara Epstein (Twentieth year celebration)
  • On Biographies and Kings – by Romila Thapar, March 1997
  • Development as Freedom – by Amartya Sen, August 1999 (First Nikhil Chakravartty Memorial Lecture)
  • War, Peace and World by Hegemony in the 20th Century Eric Hobsbawm – December 2004 (Second Nikhil Chakravartty Lecture) Download Pdf
  • To Question Or Not To Question:That is the Question by Romila Thapar,October 2014(Third Nikhil Chakravarthy Memotrial Lecture)

The Trust administered  between 1991-1995 a grant from the Ford Foundation to subsidize important Indian publications in the areas of environment,contemporary history and politics,women studies and international  affairs.Over 60 titles were subsidized to make available seminal works for students and scholars at affordable prices.