‘Who am I’: Am I Not A Replica of Joshi

The more we conjectured and enquired the more facts and things deserving mention we gathered. But in regard to them it became more and more difficult to distinguish between truths and falsehood. Were they lies that looked like the truth Or were they truths that resembled lies Or were they both truth and lies Were they unbiased supporters for whom nothing is true Or was nothing a lie to them If not taking sides means indecisiveness, then could we express surprise at the story, Hariya Hercules Bewilderment.

The Subaltern Speaks

Jaatidansh Ki Kahanian edited by Subhash Chandra Kushwaha is a thoughtprovoking and unique collection of essays and stories in Hindi by dalit writers. What distinguishes this anthology from other anthologies of dalit stories in Hindi such as the one edited by Ramanika Gupta is an entire discursive section dealing theoretically with issues which are also raised through the medium of the stories.