Resuscitating a Text

There are three texts waiting to be discussed here: the ‘original’ Chaklet, a collection of eight Hindi stories written by Pandey Bechan Sharma ‘Ugra’ published in 1927 after five of them were serialized in Matvala, a Calcutta based Hindi weekly; its translation into English by Ruth Vanita titled Chocolate and also a detailed introduction by her, contextualizing both the texts in their different time zones i.e.

Re-siting the Syncretic Spirit of Medieval Indian Literature

It would be unfair to place the present volume of ‘A History Of Indian Literature: From The Courtly To The Popular, 500-1399’ by Sisir Kumar Das in the context of his earlier well-received, critically acclaimed, scholarly yet reader-friendly volumes covering the period 1800-1910 (Western Impact: Indian Response) and 1911-1956 (Struggle For Freedom: Triumph And Tragedy) published in 1991 and 1995, respectively.

The Real Orissa

Intellectuals and academicians pre-occupied with ‘armchair theorisation’ in past have been showing much sentisation towards the present socio-economic-political crisis coming forward with their research and academic skills to take up the challenges of development and the incarnation of the book titled ‘Orissa Vision 2020: Towards Building a New and Modern Orissa’ represents this divergence of past and present.