Role Of Capital

One of the protracted conflicts of present times, involving three nuclear powered states, is in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir. Both India and Pakistan claim it as part of their larger territorial ambitions and national imaginations. Thus the national projects that assume the task of incorporating the territory do not only rely on explicit political aspects but other subtle, more ideologically driven, aspects negotiate such projects.

South Asian Particularity In Governance

As a new imagery South Asia straddles the two competing conceptions of her own particularity, one as an invented abstraction, perhaps more theoretical and nomothetic, and the other as an existing reality, quite empirical and ideographic. As an abstraction it seamlessly weaves herself into a Wallersteinian classic of ‘sub-periphery’ situated in the global to catch up with the core, and as a concrete reality assiduously struggling to experiment the democratic project by some sort of venial state and a truncated civil society.

Dynamics Of Appropriations And Misappropriations

Jesus in Asia is a significant contribution from an Asian perspective to Christology, the author being a Professor of Biblical Hermeneutics in the University of Birmingham. It comes as a corrective intervention in the cultural adaptation and appropriation of Jesus of Nazareth by western academic theologians. The genius of the West to freeboot on the treasures of Asia was aided and abetted by the advantages of colonialism.

A Blueprint for Reconstruction

The book is a collection of papers by well known authors who are acknowledged experts in their fields of interest. The editors, Anita Weiss and Zulfiqar Gilani, have done excellent editorial work to bring out the basic problems that beset Pakistani society. The focus of the book is squarely on the premise that uncertainty and social crises in society are the result of perceptions that power can be acquired by any means.

Musings Of A Civil Servant

To very few would a person like L.K. Jha require any introduction. Having joined the Indian Civil Service in 1936, he held top economic posts in the Government of India. Apart from being the Secretary to two Prime Ministers, he held posts of Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Ambassador to U.S.A., Governor of the International Monetary Fund and Governor of Jammu & Kashmir. Till his death on 17, January this year, he was a Member of the Rajya Sabha. L.K. Jha was, therefore, well qualified and equipped to write on matters of administration, especially economic administration.

Wheels Within Wheels

The Non-Aligned summit in New Delhi in 1983 gave an impetus for several intellectual enterprises in India. Some have proved to be durable, like Namedia, a centre for the study of the mass media in the non-aligned countries, and others have turned out to be transient, like a quarterly magazine entitled. The Non-Aligned World, which was launched under the editorship of Professor M. S. Rajan, a good scholar with sound intellectual commitments.