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Sucharita Sengupta
SMASH IT, BUTTERFINGERS! by Khyrunnisa A Puffin, 2021, 214 pp., 250
November 2021, volume 45, No 11

Smash It, Butterfingers! by Khyrunnisa A is the latest addition to the Butterfingers series of books meant for the reading pleasure of folks in their early teens. Sports is the main theme of all the books set in the backdrop of the fictitious Green Park School. In the book under review, students of the school have an adventure that involves badminton, and a cat named Ozymandias.

The hero of the tale, Amar, is affectionately called Butterfingers, because well, he is one. He has a talent for dropping things, bumping and crashing into objects and people, injuring himself and his friends and family, and generally emerging from such misadventures unscathed and victorious. Apart from him, the story is populated by his classmates, mostly boys, but also two girls. All the kids have unique personalities and are exactly the kind of delightful class that the reader would have been part of at their own school. The Principal, affectionately called Princi, same as in every other school in the country, is a crucial character, and so are the office staff, other teachers, school patrons, and of course, Amar’s parents.

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