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Sumitra Kannan
BOBO AND THE WORMS by Abolkali Jimomi. Illustrated by Canato Jimo Pratham Books, Bengaluru, 2019, 13 pp., 45.00
November 2021, volume 45, No 11

Bobo and the Worms is by Abokali Jimomi of Nagaland. Any book for early readers must be accompanied by illustrations that fire imagination. Canato Jimo’s illustrations perfectly accompany this simple but prettily told story.
Which child does not like visiting her grandma? Grandparents are special people in any child’s life. There is a warmth to them that cannot be replicated. Grandparents are not difficult or demanding like parents. Neither are they rough and unruly like one’s own playmates. They can get down on their knees and play with you or open their knees wide and rock you when you need comforting. Most importantly, they teach you life’s lessons without letting on that something of utter importance has been communicated and understood.

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