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Tultul Biswas
I WISH, मेरी आरज़ू by Rajiv Eipe Pratham Books, 2021, 40 pp., 70.00
November 2021, volume 45, No 11

Here is a bilingual book written by 16 children coming from different parts of India and different walks of life. They speak their heart out—they tell us in clear, bold, straightforward words what they wish for. Their dreams, wishes, aspirations, hopes—is what is the core of this book. And adults, elders, parents and teachers—may as well listen.

As India inches towards the 75th anniversary of its hard-earned freedom in 2022—this illustrated book is a reminder to us adults as to what we have not been able to give to our children in so many years, and pay attention to what they yearn for. The wishes start from simple ones like—to be free to sit among flowers in a garden, eat chocolate, play in the rain and enjoy the rainbow, dance and go on to rather serious matters like—be as free as the brother, be free to speak, learn, make one’s own identity, ensure equality, respect and freedom for all beings on earth, have no wars and only peace within. These amazing, thinking children have squarely placed what needs to be the agenda of all governments, all committees, all powers that be. Then, as if they are certain that we adults may not be able to LISTEN to them and UNDERSTAND them, one child even wishes that ‘the development of the world (or universe) to be in the hands of small kids.’

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