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BASTI ME CHOR (A THIEF IN THE BASTI) by Sonam, Ritik, Vikram and Ajay. Translated from the original Hindi by Rinchin. Illustrated by Ubitha, Leela and Unni Eklavya, 2020, 16 pp., 50
November 2021, volume 45, No 11

A little story book from the Muskaan Series of Eklavya.
It tells a simple story that would appeal to a small child, who does not yet read by herself, but enjoys listening to a story.

However, the text of this book does not lend itself to an interesting read-aloud experience. The sweet little story is actually written jointly by four Agariya kids, Sonam, Ritik, Vikram and Ajay, with some assistance from their school teacher. Although originally written in Hindi, the syntax and choice of words sound somewhat stilted, akin to a literal Hindi translation of an original English text.

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