Cruel Reality

The use of child labour has been one of the more unpalatable features in the history of the currently developed coun¬tries. In periods of capital scarcity, children were used to provide unskilled labour. It is only towards the end of the nineteenth century that, the liberal con¬sciousness realized the social and econo¬mic consequences of child labour. The use of child labour, while profitable for the individual firm, does represent serious economic costs to society as a whole.

Of A Time Of Friendship And Grace

Childhood days are generally remembered with nostalgia for the moments of fun, adventure and friendship of a magical past. It is a time of love and laughter, of shared secrets and friendly quarrels, and of the snug reading of books alternating with the boisterous playing of games. All this and more is brought back to the reader through the pages of the book, An Elsewhere Place: Boyhood Days in Hazaribagh.