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Indira Bagchi
ALL-TIME FAVOURITES (FOR CHILDREN) by Ruskin Bond. Illustrated by Kashmir Sarode Penguin India, 2021, 215 pp., 250.00
November 2021, volume 45, No 11

ll Time Favourites (For Children) celebrates Ruskin Bond’s writing with stories that are always loved equally by children and adults and can now be enjoyed in a single collectible volume consisting of 25 enjoyable stories. Curated by India’s most loved children’s writer, this collection brings together some of the most evocative episodes from the author’s life. Heart-warming, funny and spirited, this is a must have on every bookshelf!
‘Goldfish Don’t Bark’ is a delightful story of Koki and the goldfish, which is kept in a glass jar and is constantly admired by the little girl who is visiting her grandmother, living on the other side of the hill. She is happy to notice that the goldfish do not make noises like dogs, donkeys or the birds. They communicate with each other silently and also behave in a civil manner by not bumping into each other.

Ruskin’s description of granny and Koki is very realistic. The occasional coming of different birds to the window-sill and their names give children some knowledge about different birds. But the visit by the black cat was not welcome. One day the cat overturns the glass case and two of the fish die. Granny buys two more and one of them becomes Koki’s favourite.

The arrival of the monsoon on the hillside presents a beautiful picture for the readers. ‘The grass on the hillside was transformed from a dull brown to a lush green. Tiny streams became torrents of rushing water. The insect world came to life.’

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