Picture Books for the Young

Monkey is tired of the tourists clicking away, each time they visit the jungle. So he decides to monkey around with a camera himself, and manages to find a Polaroid, too!Monkey Photo follows Monkey, as he jumps from tree to tree, swinging here, there and everywhere trying to catch the leopard’s spots, the snakes on the tree, cheery tigers, enthusiastic birds and a host of other creatures that fill the forest with their colourful presence.

A Collage of Memories

As the mother of young readers, I love to introduce them to different genres all the time.After the loss of a dear family member, grief has been something we have been grappling to come to terms with, for the last few years.While it was tough initially, my children and I learnt that the person is still with us in many of the memories that we continue to share and the book My Grandfather Aajoba helped fill that void, beautifully.