Terse Analysis of a Critical Factor
R.S. Pal
MARKETING IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD by Siro P. Padolechhia Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 1979, 190 pp., 50.00
Nov-Dec 1979, volume 4, No 3

The marketing function has been fully exploited in mulch of the developed western world. In the less developed coun­tries the role of marketing is yet to be adequately appreciated. This is a natural consequence of the fact that in less deve­loped countries the main problem is to create surpluses over and above the essential requirements of the consumer whereas in developed countries the pro­blem is to create a demand for surpluses which are being produced. In the latter case marketing plays the role of balancing demand and supply at a remunerative price by generating demand and modify­ing production. As a less developed eco­nomy develops from a subsistence eco­nomy and begins to generate products requiring wider distribution, the market­ing function is required to perform a role which was earlier nonexistent in the subsistence economy, that of balancing demand and supply. As market-oriented production expands and agricultural sur­pluses are generated the role of marketing itself expands.

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