Social History through Women’s Writings
Somdatta Mandal
WANDERING WOMEN: TRAVEL WRITINGS IN BENGALI PERIODICALS, 1900-1940 by Edited by Sarvani Gooptu. Translated from the original Bengali by Sarvani Gooptu and Indrani Bose Primus Books, Delhi, 2023, 466 pp., INR 1650.00
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Though Indians have been travelling for the last few centuries, documentation of their travels have been scarce and far between. Pilgrimage, trade, and conquest drove the earliest subcontinental travels, but it was specifically a male domain. Though much less in number as compared to the men, women’s travel writing from colonial Bengal resulted in the co-existence of conservatism and emancipation in the social history of the region. Though historically women have been more associated with fixity,

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