Shreyas Vadrewu
Shreyas Vadrewu
The Curse of Anuganga by Harini Srinivasan Tree Shade Books, 2019, 296 pp., 350
November 2019, volume 43, No 11

Set in 403 CE in the prosperous town of Nandivardhana (located in modern day Nagpur, Maharashtra), Harini Srinivasan’s The Curse of Anuganga is a historical thriller that carves a niche for itself by being the first historical murder-mystery I have ever read! Srinivasan cleverly perceives her story’s timeframe and weaves a plot around it that is riveting till the turn of the last page.

Written in the third person, the book follows the story of Shaunaka, an intelligent, pensive and self-effacing youth, and that of his foster brother, Ashwini, a gifted goldsmith. Being the son of a renowned goldsmith, Vishunveera, Shaunaka is compelled to continue the family tradition and evolve as a master goldsmith, despite showing neither the aptitude nor an interest in his father’s profession.

At odds with his father, Shaunaka’s lackadaisical stint at his father’s workshop comes to a grinding halt on a day that was to change his brother’s and his entire family’s life all at once.

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