Girja Sharan
Bureaucracy and the Poor: Closing the Gap by David C. Korten & Felipe B. Alfonso McGraw-Hill International, Singapore, 1982, 258 pp., price not indicated
July-August 1982, volume 7, No 1

The contributors of the thirteen articles, contained in this book explore the pro¬blems associated with reaching the benefits of develop¬mental programmes to the poorer sections of societies in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The changes necessary in structure and process of, government are identified, and the implications of such changes in the concepts and practices of planning are analysed. The corresponding need for reorienting research and training at the manage¬ment institutions operating in these regions is indicated.
The articles highlight several factors that contribute to the problem of effectiveness. To itemize the major difficulties: (1) development planning is done centrally by technicians who, according to some contributors, are removed from the people and their needs; (2) it is implemented through structures designed to follow central direction rather than be responsive to local reality; (3) the programming often lacks the involvement and participation of the people for whom it is meant;

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