Keshav Kaistha
Social Statistics: Health and Education by Ashish Bose, Devendra B. Gupta and Mahendra K. Premi Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 1982, 375 pp., 125
July-August 1982, volume 7, No 1

This volume is the outcome of a seminar held in 1976 at the Institute of Social and Eco¬nomic Change in Bangalore on the ‘Data Base of the Indian Economy’, and is fourth in the series under the joint auspices of the Indian Association for the Study of Population and the Indian Economic Society. The major themes of tie series seem to be examination of the available statistic-relating to some important of the Indian economy, the deficiencies therein and suggestions for improvement of data. One purpose of the series is that such an exercise will promote ‘more effective planning and policy making’. The present volume addresses it¬self to two important sectors, I health and education.

The modern techniques of planning and policy-making involve complex exercises to assess the supply side and demand side through various models—from simple projec-tive techniques to simulating modelling to systems dyna¬mics.

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