Poetry of Love
Keshav Malik
MEETING LIKE WAVES by Ved Vatuk Manohar Book Service, 1979, 51 pp., 17.00
May-June 1979, volume 3, No 6

This book of verse is dedicated to ‘Pavitra—the Purest Love’ and the poems themselves are saturated with the theme of love. Untitled and only num­bered, they unveil a poetic personality which is affectionate, has the capacity to feel:

Love is not poetry


Love is poetry


Appropriately the author is prescrip­tive in a number of his lines as in ‘let our lives be … that with each sip .. we do not differentiate … but taste the sweetness … of us … together.’ There is exhortation in ‘Let us not be the seekers …  Since love commands its own conservation the poet is active and concerned on its behalf.

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