Poems of Love and War
R. Parthasarathy
POETS OF THE TAMIL ANTHOLOGIES by George L. Hart III Princeton University Press . Distributed by Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1980, 212 pp., $21.00
Jan-Feb 1980, volume 4, No 1-2

Tamil is the oldest surviving classical language of India, and Tamil literature goes back to the early centuries of the Christian era. The old heroic and romanĀ­tic literature, the devotional hymns of the Saiva and Vaishnava saints and narrative literature form the glory of Tamil. The Eight Anthologies (Ettutokai), the Kural, the Silappadikaram, the Iramavataram, the Tiruvasagam and the Nalayiram are the outstanding productions of the Tamil genius. The Tamils have not, in 2000 years, surpassed this achievement.

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