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Kishore Pawar
GHAR KE AASPAAS KE JEEV JANTU (घर के आसपास के जीव जन्तु) by Sanjay Sondhi Eklavya, 2022, 34 pp., 110.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

We are not alone in this world. We are surrounded by different kinds of living beings and trees and plants. There is no place near or far from us where these living beings do not exist. A dark corner of the house, a wall, even the bark of trees, are home to many living things. And not only bark, even the leaves of trees are home to many different kinds of life-forms. There are eggs stuck on somewhere, and at other places you have caterpillars chomping on them!

Some of these are visible to us with naked eyes, but many like bacteria and virus are generally invisible to us. I am sure you remember the Covid virus, and what a lockdown it caused.

This book gives us information about the life forms around us that we often see, but we don’t have anyone to tell us about them. This book has tried to fulfil that gap. Whatever we have always wanted to know about birds, butterflies, lizards, frogs and spiders—this book tells us all about them and much more; and not only tells, but also shows us many things.

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