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Radhika Chhaparia
PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN: THINKING, READING, WRITING by Sundar Sarukkai Jugnoo, 2021, 72 pp., 175.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

In most countries, philosophy as a subject of study is open to students only at the undergraduate level. However, in the last four decades or so, many have argued that there is a dire need to introduce philosophy to students at a much earlier stage, preferably from middle school years onward. According to the proponents of this view, introducing philosophy at this age enables students to critically engage with what they learn and experience, both in school and outside. There are also some who hold the view that the questions that philosophers pursue are among those that children raise themselves and that children should be encouraged to engage with them further. These questions may include whether or not god exists, whether moral principles are relative or absolute, and whether the world as we know it is in fact an illusion. Unfortunately, this view has found little resonance among educationists in India.

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