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Shubhra Seth
ARE YOUR EMOTIONS LIKE MINE? by Chitwan Mittal and Shruti Hemani AdiDev Press, 2021, pp., 699.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

This book is a canvas of emotions that all age groups paint in their minds every day. For children it is like a picture dictionary where they can identify if unable to express in words as to how they are feeling at a given point of time. The pages take the young readers on a roller coaster ride of happiness, to frowns and smiles, fear and dare, triumph and the importance of living each day looking at the brighter side of the world. Inner light, to breathe and let it all seep, are important expressions for children of today who are made to adapt to gadgets readily than human beings around them. Chitwan Mittal through this work has taken forward another episode in value education for children through minimal but well mapped vocabulary.

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