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Indu Nair
KITTY IN THE WELL; KUEN MEIN BILLI by Manjari Chakravarti Jugnoo, 2021, 24 pp., 50.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

The cover of this book invites you to look deep. It feels as if you are standing in a well and looking above at all the people standing there! The people—young and old—are all staring down at you with surprise.

The story revolves around a cat, but along with the cat, humans play an important role in it. One also gets a glimpse of shared concerns. The story also takes you to visit a village in rural Bengal with its tree groves and a well nearby. And everybody is nurtured around the well. Everybody shares a bond of affection with each other and this is woven very beautifully in the tapestry of the story.

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