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Nidhi Gaur
BIJUKA KI POSHAK by Benita Sen Children’s Book Trust, 2022, 20 pp., 60.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

This picture book tells a village story about a kind, prosperous family that helps a farmer protect his harvest by making a scarecrow. Bhola, a farmer, approaches the grandfather of the family he sells his harvest to every year. He cries out for help to prevent the crows from eating the harvest. How can crows ruin the crop? From grandfather to grandson, every family member marches up to Bhola’s farm to investigate the matter.

The picture book depicts a scenic village in which people harmoniously coexist. Thus, it remains faithful to the conventional notion of a village with a flat and unreal depiction. The plot of the story offered an opportunity to introduce children to life in a village, relationships between people, and between nature and people.

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