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Teji Grover
AMMA by Sushil Shukla Jugnoo, 2022, 20 pp., 60.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

Let’s begin by saying that the idea of this book is a ‘found’ one and that the content highlights one of the most common experiences of childhood. Almost all of us have childhood memories of being lost in a mela: letting go of a parent’s hand and running after one or another compelling game or toy can cost a child dear. The idea of the book came, apparently, from a line from one of Garcia Marquez’ texts: ‘Did you happen to see a mother who is not accompanied by a child like me?’ And then began the journey that had more than one person coming up with ideas of ‘doing’ the book. Having spoken to the team, I realized that Shashi Sablok came up with a priceless suggestion of using, on most pages, the word ‘Amma’, at times, in the form of a long drawn out calling aloud for mother.

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