Islam and Democracy in Pakistan
Jayant Prasad
THE STRUGGLE FOR PAKISTAN: A MUSLIM HOMELAND AND GLOBAL POLITICS by Ayesha Jalal Harvard University Press, Harvard, 2015, 448 pp., $35.00
February 2015, volume 39, No 2

Ayesha Jalal’s latest work is a reflective account of Pakistan’s contemporary history and the nascent effort by its citizens to reimagine Pakistan, free from military dominance and as a ‘more resilient federal union’. Much of Jalal’s account of Pakistan covers the skewed civilian-military balance within its state structure. Lord Mountbatten likened Pakistan’s creation to putting up a tent, not a permanent building nor a Nissen hut. ‘The proverbial tent’, writes Jalal, ‘has been metaphorically transformed into a sprawling military barrack.’

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