Humanity In Flux
Partha S. Ghosh
Migrants, Refugees And The Stateless In South Asia by Aparna Bandopadhyay Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2016, 356 pp., 995
March 2017, volume 41, No 3

As the title indicates this book is about the malleable boundaries between migrants, refugees and the stateless in a world where borders become indicators of freedom of movement. The regional focus is South Asia with all its geographical, historical, political and social complexities. The book is a comprehensive overview of the layers of relationship of the state and people’s movements between borders in South Asia. A senior scholar in International Relations, Ghosh provides a thoroughly researched text on security centric debates on migrations, with a clear attempt to include the historical, socio-cultural and political contexts. The book has eight chapters and in the first an attempt is made to unpack definitions and theories of migration. He spends considerable time on the connections between the categories of migrants, refugees and the stateless and provides an explanatory frame to understand why the global definitions presented by the United Nations do not always represent the South Asia context with accuracy.

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