Dynamics of Migration Praxis
Anushyama Mukherjee
Migration Matters: Mobility In A Globalizing World by Gurucharan Gollerkeri and Natasha Chhabra Oxford University Press, 2016, 358 pp., 995
March 2017, volume 41, No 3

Migration has been a part of human history from the earliest times. Millions of people are seeking work, a new home or simply a safe place to live outside their countries of birth. People migrated as manual workers, highly qualified specialists, entrepreneurs, refugees or family members of previous migrants. International migration has grown in volume and significance since 1945 and particularly since the mid-1980s. It must be seen in the wider context of the political economy of development and as the natural corollary to international trade and capital. The book under review is a study of the principles, the political economy of, and the dynamics that influence migration praxis at both the global and the national level. Moreover, the study has also tried to bridge the gap between academic and real world research. Very interestingly, the study has looked at the challenge in the migration praxis which hinders sustainable development which ends poverty and transforms lives in the context of international migration.

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