Hues of Denial and Mimesis In Constructing Resistance
Pratiksha Baxi
FROM MATHURA TO MANORAMA: RESISTING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN INDIA by Kalpana Kannabiran and Ritu Menon Women Unlimited, 2007, 201 pp., 300
October 2007, volume 31, No 10

From Mathura to Manorama invites us to think critically of how feminist projects opposed to violence against women are con- structed. This exciting book shows us how feminist politics against violence has been varied in its forms, strategies and premises. This important book must be read and taught especially since the authors demand reflexivity by re-visiting the inception of the violence against women campaigns. For instance, they mark the elision of the queer lives from feminist analyses of violence against women. They emphasize the ‘complexity of interlocking fields of violence’, i.e., how class, caste, communal, regional, sexual identities impact analyses of violence against women. Like other accounts, the centrality of the campaigns against rape to the women’s movements in India is remarked upon in this book.

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