Enhancing Nuclear Security and Saftey
Neha Kumar Tiwari
INDIA IN GLOBAL NUCLEAR GOVERNANCE by Reshmi Kazi and Ashild Kolas Knowledge World, New Delhi, , 152 pp., Rs.546
February 2020, volume 44, No 2-3

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, focus of the international community has shifted from nuclear nonproliferation regime to nuclear safety and nuclear security. Active participation by large numbers of countries in the Nuclear Security Summits (NSS) demonstrates the significance of nuclear security in the contemporary world. The ever-changing technologies (particularly in the cyber domain) and expanding dependency of increasing number of countries on nuclear energy seek to pose enormous challenges to nuclear safety and security. As a responsible nuclear power, India is cognizant with the prevailing challenges and remains committed to ensure nuclear safety and security.

The book under review by scholars of India and Norway elucidates India’s contribution in strengthening the various international structures or regimes which are responsible for enhancing nuclear security and safety. India’s contribution thus constitutes an important argument to the international community justifying India’s entry into the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG).

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