Bursting Idealistic Bubbles
Gauri Sharma
A CLOUD CALLED BHURA: CLIMATE CHAMPIONS TO THE RESCUE by Bijal Vachharajani Talking Club, 2019, 256 pp., 399.00
October 2020, volume 44, No 10

Mumbai City is arrested by a sooty grey haze with toxic gases swirling around the skyscrapers in a sinister intention to stay. No one knows where it came from but it appears something like an eclipse casting a dark shadow over the city of dreams. The twitter trends like #BhuraCloudusWhoRU becoming the talk of the town while on the other side the popular media channel Khabar Bhayankar’s host is shouting at the top of his voice. The audience is forced to notice the sensationalizing indicatives of this exaggerated cloud-like ghost hovering over the city.

The book endeavours to show figuratively how India would tackle a life-threatening issue diesel-ed by the clutches of climate change, that many still refuse to see as a tornado-in-making with potential to be an existential killer. The scientists are left mouthing words where evidences are blatantly ignored. The business-minded invent ‘Vision plus plus goggles’ to see through and a big budget movie is announced on this plot, ‘KKloud Kon Kya Kaha?’. The media views this situation as a moment of pride for the country because of the international attention it garners. Our priorities are shining bright as the Cloud chose India whereas all fanfiction has an inherent bias for New York attracting lethal aliens, beasts and monsters. This automatically translates to a golden-ticket to play a saviour in shining armour, but will they?

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