Books For Beginners
Tanishta Chhabra
HARAPPA: CURSE OF THE BLOOD RIVER; PRALAY: THE GREAT DELUGE by Vineet Bajpai VB Performance LLP, 2018, 315 pp., 200
November 2018, volume 42, No 11

Harappa and its sequel Pralay are the renowned entrepreneur Vineet Bajpai’s first works of fiction. The novels explore a new take on the unexplained and mysterious end of the Harappan civilization and draw from Hindu mythology and history at several instances.

The plot is divided into two major timelines that run simultaneously through the book—one of Vidyut Shastri, a young and successful entrepreneur who has made his mark in the tech industry; and the other of Vivasvan Pujari, the great and revered Surya of Harappa, soon to be appointed as the chief priest. Both the protagonists share a common link, that of being half-human and half-god, or in other words, a devta.

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