Books For Beginners
Veena Zutshi
THE ADVENTURES OF BOZO AND CHICK: TERROR AT BEDLAM HOUSE by Ranjit Lal Red Turtle, Rupa, 2018, 162 pp., 295
November 2018, volume 42, No 11

Bozo and Chick is an interesting read featuring children who dare to take challenges.

This story is about fifteen-year-old Rohan (Bozo) and sixteen-year-old Nita (Chick), who love fun and adventure and are patriotic to the core. Along with another friend, Aslam, they live in Dubash Mansions, known as Bedlam House. The owner of the building is Dr. Dubash, a child specialist and his wife Mridula who is a dog trainer and runs an NGO. The childless Dubashs are very affectionate and caring towards the children.

Bedlam House is located three hours by boat from Mumbai. The Dubashs also own a tree house, a guard house and annexe which is reportedly haunted. The curious children swim across to the annexe one day. On reaching the guard house they are shocked to come across two intertwined skeletons. They keep the discovery to themselves but are curious to know more about the place and what other secrets it held.

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