Books For Beginners
Syed Umar
THE MAGICIANS OF MADH by Aditi Krishnakumar Duckbill Books, 2018, 210 pp., 299
November 2018, volume 42, No 11

The main characters of this rather captivating and sometimes scary book is a duoMeenakshi and Kalban. Meenakshi is the daughter of Kalban’s teacher who is from a different land. Kalban studies in Meenakshi’s father’s study whereas Meenakshi studies in her father’s library.

The setting of the book is a small town named Madh. This is a place where all monsters, mortals and immortals live together. This is a place of magical beings, and there is even a school called the ‘Academy’ where they teach magic, philosophy and other (boring) subjects.

The problem of the story is when angry, sad and desperate students create a rather ferocious and scary creature out of the myths just by thinking about it. After some time, the creature gets out of hand and is no longer controlled by the will of the creators but has a will of its own as well as the power to survive on its own. Do you think the powerful magician Meenakshi with the mastermind Kalban can save the city?

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