An American Viewpoint

This volume consists of the proceed­ings of a conference on India sponsored by the Asia Society in New York and held in September 1977. The organizers of the conference were two US AID offi­cials, Arthur Gardiner, Jr. and John Mellor, assisted by Marshall Bouton (now in the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi) and Philip Oldenburg of the Asia So­ciety. The objective, as stated by Mellor in the preface, was to re-examine ‘U.S.

The Cult of Vitthal: A Confluence and a Synthesis

RC. Dhere’s Srivitthal: Ek Mahasamanvay first published in 1984 is a seminal study in Marathi of the history of the cult of Vitthal in the Deccan region of India. Compre-hensive in its scope and in-depth in the manner in which it envisions the significance of Vitthal for his worshipers and for the lived life within traditional and cultural mores, this study is an invaluable source book.