Burning Issues
Deepti Gupta
AAM AURAT: ZINDA SAWAAL by Sudha Arora Saamayik Prakashan, 2011, 256 pp., 300
February 2011, volume 35, No 2

Sudha Aroras Aam Aurat: Zinda Sawal provides an authentic saga of the sufferings of women each stratum in society. The book consists of five parts including a long biographical piece about her writing from a very young age. Her progress, surprising achievements in a row, inspired her to go ahead. Gradually a day arrived in 1992, when her literary journey turned towards consultancy for helpless women and she has became a feminist writer since then.

Quoting the cases of exploited and abused women, the writer opines that the chauvinistic approach of Manusmriti got disseminated by conservatives. Books like Striyon Ke Liye Kartavya Shiksha carry the teachings of Manu-smriti and other scriptures and present a long list of duties for women, thus indirectly quoting anti-women norms (pp. 71 -74).

In this con- text, Kabir, Tulsidas and many other poets have described woman as the root of all evils. The author voicing shrill disapproval about this says that the woman who was once adored as the embodiment of spirituality and compassion, got trapped in the vicious circle of dishonour and disrespect. The author speaks candidly about the male psychology which makes a woman pathetically miserable.

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