Dalbir Singh
AMMA, TAKE ME TO THE GOLDEN TEMPLE by Bhakti Mathur Penguin Random House India, 2017, 64 pp., 299
November 2017, volume 41, No 11

Amma, Take Me to the Golden Temple by Bhakti Mathur is aninnovative way of teaching and imparting knowledge by re-flecting on various tenets of one of the youngest and modern religions of the world with more than 30 million followers. The interesting travelogue takes you through a long journey of nearly five centuries during which the Sikh faith grew and evolved. It acquaints the readers in an engaging way with the significant milestones of Sikh history and how it has impacted generations. The events and episodes have been described eloquently by simple stories with captivating illustrations.

The book vividly brings out the cardinal message of universal love and brotherhood, social harmony, equality and peaceful coexistence as fundamental attributes of Sikh faith. It has also highlighted the ethos of Sikh values in terms of oneness of God, egalitarian society and social justice. The book explains the radical shift in the practice of the Sikh faith when the Mughal Emperor unleashed oppression and prompted the last guru Sri Guru Govind Singh to transform as a saint soldier.

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