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Geeta Parameswaran
Sachin Born To Bat by Khalid A.H. Ansari Jaico Publishing, 2012, 199 pp., 450
November 2012, volume 36, No 11

Sachin: Born to Bat by veteran journalist Khalid A.H. Ansari and edited by Clayton Murzello is a unique poem to cricket’s popular batsman, Sachin Tendulkar born in Mumbai to Ramesh Tendulkar and Rajni Tendulkar. The book is a chronicle of the achievements of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The ‘master blaster’ is the first player to score a hundred international centuries. The hundredth international stroke of Sachin adds another feather to his cap to the career of cricket’s most celebrated batsman. Tributes from cricket’s most famous personalities including Tendulkar’s Team India teammates and coaches made cricket enthusiasts understand what makes Sachin Tendulkar the unequalled champion he is. The book captures critical moments of Tendulkar’s wonderful cricketing career from photographers who have seen and been all along with him throughout his career.
Cricket has chosen to lead regional, national, ethnic and other social identities. The spread of the game worldwide flavour the support of cricket.

Sachin: Born to Bat is a book that will let you in on the different states of the cricket maestro as he developed his own stand on the cricketing field. The book deals in various psychological and emotional qualities including Sachin’s strengths and weaknesses. It is not just a book that praises Sachin for his achievements and how he managed to attain the excellence of his career but describes how he has lived his life with cricket as an integral part, and become a master batsman. It also helps readers to get behind-the-scene information of Sachin’s life. Sachin, however is a brilliant cricketer who has made a lot of positive changes in his life through hard work and determination. However, even after Sachin’s excellent batmanship in the cricket field, he was not considered a brilliant captain.

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