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Dilip Simeon
REVOLUTION AND EVOLUTION IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY by James and Grace Lee Boggs Monthly Review Press, New York and London, 1976, 266 pp., £2.00
October 1976, volume 1, No 4

It was perhaps too much to hope that under this grandiose title, M.R.P. would publish material of serious historico-analytic worth. Be that as it may, the Boggs have merely offered the world yet another example of the populist moral science that charact­erizes much of American radicalism today. The outstanding feature of the Boggs’s approach is the attitude of 1iberal journalism. The reader is treated to a strong dose of what Trotsky called ‘socialism for the radical tourist’. One is taken round the world, from Russia through to China, Vietnam, etc., and introduced to the Great Leaders, all of whom (naturally) are on The Right Path of Faith-in-the-People and Adaptation-to-the-Concrete.

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