Jaya Krishnamachari
WHOSE COT IS THIS? by By Benita Sen. Illustrated by Subir Roy Children’s Book Trust, Delhi, , 16 pp., INR 60.00
November 2023, volume 47, No 11

In Whose Cot is This? Bobo’s grandmother and mother are excited over a baby cot in which both had slept as kids and think Bobo would feel similarly. Bur Bobo has one look at the old, rusted cot and feels no enthusiasm at their discovery. His mother understands his feelings and suggests a way to make the cot attractive for him. Once she sets to work in improving the looks of the cot Bobo also joins in and feels very happy when he sees the end result. But before he can sit in it, his pet Haru occupies it and looks at him as if to say, ‘too late’. All the three burst out laughing to see Haru lying asleep in the cot.
A simple but interesting story that children are sure to enjoy .The author has shown how even an old object can be imaginatively transformed, thus encouraging young ones to try their hands at creatively transforming old things in their homes. This book has won a prize in the category Social-emotional Learning in the Competition for Writers of children’s books organized by CBT.
The illustrations by Subir Roy are very evocative and will certainly kindle an interest in the book.