Translating Displacement, Translating Devastation
Umesh Kumar
ADHANTAR: THE NOWHERE PEOPLE by Jayant Pawar(Translated from the original Marathi by Maya Pandit with a Foreword by Amol Palekar) Dhauli Books, 2022, 106 pp., INR 395
RINGAAN: THE FULL CIRCLEby Krishnat Khot(Translated from the original Marathi by Maya Pandit with an Introduction by Mitra Mukherjee-Parikh) Shabd Publication, 2022, 288 pp., INR 499
September 2023, volume 47, No 9

Two important Marathi texts—Adhantar: The Nowhere People (a play, 1999) by Jayant Pawar and Ringaan: The Full Circle (a novel, 2017) by Krishnat Khot are now available in English. Both these texts are translated (Adhantar is, in fact, a retranslation) by Maya Pandit with a lot of care and empathy.

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