To Compete or Collaborate
Raman G Venkat
RUNNING WITH THE DRAGON: HOW INDIA SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH CHINA by Saibal Dasgupta Portfolio, Penguin India, 2019, 240 pp., Rs.599.00
April 2020, volume 44, No 4

India and China are two of the four ancient world civilizations. Historically, Indian cultural and trade linkages have significantly influenced Chinese history. Since Indian Independence and Chinese ‘liberation’ in the middle of the twentieth century, both nations have failed to build on this legacy. In the last few years, nearly a thousand Chinese firms have made their entry into the Indian market. However, the penetration of Indian businesses into China has not kept pace. Saibal Dasgupta, an Indian journalist based in Beijing for the last fourteen years has addressed this question. In his book he shares some in-depth strategic insights on this vital issue. Dasgupta not only makes a case for Indian businesses looking to China as an investment destination but also comes up with possible ways of addressing the trade imbalances. This book provides a reality check to all the stakeholders involved in promoting bilateral trade and commercial ties between the two neighbours.

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