Through Children’s Eyes
Mona Sedwal
THE ART OF SENSITIVE PARENTING by Amita Govinda Pustak Mahal, 2013, 199 pp., 150
September 2013, volume 37, No 9

Based on the innovative work carried out by the author in various schools and non-governmental organizations for the last fifteen years, the book gives the reader an insight into the world of children and how to look at the world through their eyes. The book is divided into eight chapters excluding conclusion; covering a wide range of issues with various aspects of child’s development stages, focuses on the issues related to children at the pre-school and primary education level and offers various methods of managing children in the early stages of school education.

The first chapter illustrates the socio, emotional and cognitive needs of the young child. For children the social world is a necessity as it reassures them that they are not alone. It is further related to how food and eating habits are interrelated with the social and personal choice of a child. The onus of acquiring the habit of eating balanced food lies on the parent’s method of making food interesting in taste and the way it is presented.

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