Russians Are Coming
P.R. Chari
THE THIRD WORLD WAR: AUGUST 1985 by General Sir John Hackett Macmillan, London, 1979, 368 pp., $12.95
May-June 1979, volume 3, No 6

There are groups of men around the world whose sole occupation is to plan for offensive and defensive wars; these include nuclear conflicts. Buried in Oper­ations Directorates these contingency planners must foresee all possible threats to a country’s national security, however remote; they must also draw up military plans for promoting a country’s national interests, however fanciful. War gaming is played by them with the same earnestness as chess.

One is reminded here of the apocry­phal story of the meeting our Chief of Army Staff had with his counterpart from a small neighbour. Our Chief remarked, in a lighter vein, that he had a contingency plan for our neighbour. Whereupon the visiting chief expostulated, ‘But General, we also have a contingency plan for India.’

Still, it may appear somewhat hypo­thetical and imaginary to laymen to visua­lize a global war starting in Europe, extending into Africa and the Gulf region, and including a nuclear dimension.

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