Plight of Labour
Zaad Mahmood
THE STATE OF LABOUR: THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS AND ITS IMPACT by Sharit Bhowmik Routledge, 2014, 341 pp., 895
May 2014, volume 38, No 5

Contemporary globalization characterized by the restructuring of the economy through deregulated markets, international networks, multi-nationalization of production and transformation of production technique has led to systemic changes with serious implications for labour. This volume explores the insecure state of the ‘precariat’ (Guy Standing’s terminology for poorly paid, unprotected labour) in the Global South who have borne the brunt of global adjustment and provides a macro perspective to the burgeoning sector. Mostly aimed at advanced students and scholars in economics, labour studies, policy studies and related fields the volume provides a critical analysis of neoliberal reforms through case studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America across spectrum of industries, both formal and informal. The book questions the distributive aspects of free market and labour market flexibility on grounds of welfare, social equity and balanced growth. As a collection of 12 articles presented in a conference on financialization of capital and deteriorating conditions of labour, the volume is coherent and stays true to the theme.

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