Of Goan Colonial Food Influences and Traditions –An Anecdotal Narrative
 Indu K Mallah
A BITE IN TIME: COOKING WITH MEMORIES by Tanya Mendonsa Paper Project, 2020, 192 pp., ₹ 840.00
June 2023, volume 47, No 6

Reading A Bite in Time by Tanya Mendonsa, I had a feeling of coming home to a country without borders, a house without walls, for what Tanya has written about, whether people or recipes, was familiar to me. I had either met, or heard of, the people she mentions in the book, and tasted many of the recipes in the book.

The publication of the book establishes her versatility as a writer, though she is primarily a poet, and a very gifted one at that. Her two collections, The Dreaming House and All the Answer I Shall Ever Get were published by HarperCollins, and her exquisitely illustrated single long poem, The Fisher of Perch was published by Design Foundry. The last was later included in Converse, an anthology of contemporary English poetry by Indians edited by Sudeep Sen to celebrate 75 years of India’s Independence. Tanya is also a painter, and the author of a first memoir, The Book of Joshua: The True Story of a Dog who Loved the World, also published by HarperCollins, and recently re-printed for the third time.

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