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Deepa Agarwal
The Novel Coronavirus: We Can Stay Safe by Deepa Balsavar Pratham Books, 2020, 12 pp., 45.00
The Great Big Lionby Chryseis Knight Penguin Random House, 2021, 26 pp., 299.00
November 2021, volume 45, No 11

There is a nightmare haunting each and every one of us—young and old—the fear of contracting the dreaded Coronavirus. Life has turned upside down ever since the pandemic made its presence felt, and the struggle to embrace ‘the new normal’ has taken a terrible toll on us. The risk of contracting the disease is grave indeed, but equally alarming are the mental health issues that are spreading as rapidly as the virus itself. Children have been severely impacted by this situation. With their regular routine completely disrupted, and talk of the dreaded virus blasting them from all corners, they feel bewildered and insecure, many are quite traumatized. Their need for assurance and understanding from the adults in their lives has grown immensely during the pandemic. This is one reason why children’s books about COVID-19 have acquired great importance and this particular picture book is most timely.

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