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Ilika Trivedi
THE QUEEN WHO RULED THE WAVES AND OTHER AMAZING TALES OF ROYALTY FROM INDIAN HISTORY by Indira Ananthakrishnan Hachette India, 2022, 192 pp., 399.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

The annals of Indian history are rich and expansive, filled with the most amazing tales of both valour and idiosyncrasies. School textbooks often gloss over these incidents because it is impossible to capture all of these tales in one comprehensive text and also because textbooks need to build a cohesive narrative, a sequence which may not grasp the complicated and interlinked histories which spread across time and space. Enter The Amazing Tales of Royalty from Indian History by Indira Ananthakrishnan which shines the light on some of these royal kings and queens, whose stories deserve to be shared with the children of today.

This book tries to compile unheard tales from all parts of India but one must appreciate how the author has focused on kings and queens from South India, who are often overshadowed by the North Indian-centric history books, canvassing around ‘Dilli’.

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