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Rajni Dwivedi
OUR WIGGLY FRIENDS EARTHWORMS by Sultan Ahmed Ismail Eklavya, 2022, 32 pp., 120.00
DILKASH KENCHUVEby Sushil Joshi Eklavya, 2022, 32 pp., 120.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

Our Wiggly Friends, Earthworms is a small book of 32 pages. The book can be divided into two major parts; the first and the main part of the book provides various details about earthworms while the second part focuses on the role that earthworms play for soil, and introduces the readers to vermiculture (artificial rearing of earthworms).

I started reading this book with my son who is 8 years old. Initially, I was reading it for the sole purpose of writing a review, but my son insisted that I read it aloud to him, so that he could enjoy it too. We began reading, we looked at the cover page, and I read the name of the author and the illustrator and of course the title of the book, Our Wiggly Friends, Earthworms. I had just finished, and a question popped up…  ‘Friends??? How come they are called our friends? Can they be our friends? We are so different!!!’ ‘Let me read first’ was the only response I had.

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