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Manoj Nigam
TAKEY THEY DUS by Atanu Roy Jugnoo, 2021, 12 pp., 50.00
November 2022, volume 46, No 11

टका सा जवाब देना, टके का सब खेल है, टका सा मुंह लेकर रह जाना, सौ टके की बात है—these are some of the instances where one experiences the use of the word ‘taka’ or ‘takey’. Children who are immersed in the English language may not even have used or heard this word before.

This tiny-sized book may well hide among a pile of many other books, but once it becomes visible, it cannot but be noticed. And why ‘were’ there 10 takas? Where did they go? Why are there no more takas now? Questions zip across the minds. The book is so small that you may as well read it right away to find answers to these questions.

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